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We have over 25 years’ consultancy experience in the art world specialising in: acquisitions and sales in the private and open market including auctions; valuation services; restoration advice in the event of loss, partial loss or damage; forming collections of 19th Century, 20th Century and contemporary Greek art.

We act for individuals, families, companies and institutions on all art related matters.

Corporate Collections

Globally, companies and corporations are vital patrons of the arts with important and growing collections. The Greek Art Consultancy offers specialist advice on collecting and investing in 19th Century, 20th century and contemporary Greek and Cypriot art.


Buying art is a challenging opportunity with the potential for considerable capital appreciation. We will work with your budget to select the most appropriate artwork for your collection including new talents and well-established artists. Even a small portfolio should be chosen with care as this can form the nucleus of a great collection.

We can present you with digital images, videos and artwork portfolios at our gallery or your premises.


We can advise on cataloguing, transportation, framing, installation, lighting, insurance, security, maintenance and expanding your collection.

Valuation services: Insurance, Sales, Purchases

A professionally compiled inventory and valuation is an important part of an insurance agreement and we are able to liaise directly with insurers. In the event of a claim, our inventory and valuation may be instrumental in achieving full compensation. Our client’s privacy and security is paramount with client confidentiality protected at all times.

We provide sale valuations for one-off pieces, division of family collections, sales between private parties and household disposals.

We provide purchase valuation advice for private buyers, investors, collectors and corporate image or investment acquisition programmes.

Restoration and Maintenance Contemporary, Antiques, Antiquities

Unless they are competently maintained, beautiful objects do not remain in their pristine condition; varnish discolours, silver tarnishes, French polish becomes marked, china gets chipped. With careful maintenance or restoration, diminished works can regain much of their original beauty and value. We can help you cherish your rare and beautiful collections by making sure that they are preserved and maintained in good condition. Our team of experts, including members of museum restoration departments and specialist professional restorers, will provide you with suitable descriptions of cleaning methods, causes of deterioration and preventatives and restorative techniques.

Exhibitions Management

Our company specialises in the organisation and marketing of art exhibitions and related events. We undertake organisational, administrative, secretarial and other technical roles in planning and managing exhibitions, art events and participation in art fairs.

For each exhibition, event or project the expert team will manage the budget, printing, packing, transportation and setting up of the exhibition; handling all aspects of curatorship and publicity. The entire process of setting up the exhibition is taken care of including framing and lighting. A dedicated publicity specialist will supervise the mailing list, liaise with art critics and popular press including electronic media outlets and manage advertising.

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