Collections Management

Art collection management services

– Management and growth of art collections for businesses and corporations, professional firms and associations as well as private collectors.

– Safeguarding and organization of existing collections.

– Inventory formation and collection assessments.

– Guidance on cataloguing artwork including digital imagery and video.

– Coordination with specialists in conservation, framing, art lighting, maintenance, insurance, security, transportation and installation including reinstallation of existing collections and special installations.

– Development of educational and curatorial programmes such as workshops, art tours, collection publicity, cataloguing and labelling.

– 12 month interest financing for the purchase of art work from Gallery K worth up to 5,000 Euros.

Valuation services: Insurance, Sales, Purchases

– A professionally compiled inventory and valuation is an important part of an insurance agreement and we are able to liaise directly with insurers. In the event of a claim, our inventory and valuation may be instrumental in achieving full compensation. Our client’s privacy and security is paramount with client confidentiality protected at all times.

– Sale valuations for one-off pieces, division of family collections, sales between private parties and household disposals.

– Purchase valuation advice for private buyers, investors, collectors and corporate image or investment acquisition programmes.

Consultancy Services

– We act for individuals, families, companies and institutions.

– Private and open market acquisitions and sales including bidding at auctions.

– Valuation and restoration advice following loss, partial loss or damage.

– Forming collections of 19th and 20th century artwork.

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